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Image: Ashaninka man watching fireworks at the Indigenous National Party, at Bertioga.

A week ago (June, 5), many people have died in clashes in Peru between the security forces and indigenous people in the Amazon region. Those killed included tribesmen and policemen. The violence took place as security forces tried to end a road blockade, a highway near the town of Bagua.
Peru is witnessing violent clashes between indigenous groups desperately trying to protect the Amazon and the government, who has pushed through legislation allowing intensive mining, logging and large scale farming in the rainforest.
If government and extractive industries have their way, the Peruvian rainforest and its people will suffer massive devastation.

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Laws criticized by Peru's indigenous groups

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and support the courageous struggle of the indigenous peoples to protect the Amazon — a prominent and well respected Latin American politician will deliver it to President Alan Garcia on our behalf.

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