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Indigenous peoples have the right to the full enjoyment, as a collective or as individuals, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights law.

This image is dedicated to the activist bishop Dom Luciano Mendes de Almeida, who passed away this week, and who fighted so much for the Indigenous Rights, respecting their own religion and traditions.

This Kayapo child picture was taken on the VI Indigenous National Party,
realized by the Intertribal Committee (ITC)
with the town hall's Bertioga City support.

A state of mind

Tatiana Cardeal © All photographs

Thank you, all of you that joined the Ceasefire Campaign.
This were words
at Mundo Uno group, about how the Campaign developed. Click at this link to read.

The picture above were Mothers who had lost their children by violence of gun fire, doing a symbolic ritual during the opening
of the Urban Outcries II. A project from Chidren At Risk Foundation, CARF.


Children and young of the Sao Paulo periphery
send letters for Lebanon and Israel

16/08/2006 São Paulo -

Two thousand children between 12 to 18 years cared by the Social Center Ours Lady of the Good Childbirth ( Centro Social Nossa Senhora do Bom Parto), on to the Pastoral of the Minor, had produced correspondences for inhabitants of the same age of Lebanon and Israel. The Brazilians live in the periphery at the zone east of the São Paulo capital. In this thursday (august, 17), a group of adolescents and young - the majority of which already had assassinated next relatives and already was violence victim - will make the symbolic delivery of the correspondences in the office of UNESCO in São Paulo. The letters are part of an activity developed in the 54 centers of attendance from the project. The objective is to work the subject of solidarity daily enters the peoples from the violence, problem faced for the majority of the children and young of the Social Center Ours Lady of the Good Childbirth. The temporary representative of UNESCO in Brazil, Vincent Defourny, will direct the correspondences to the ambassadors of the Lebanon and Israel next to the headquarters of the Organization, in Paris.

World Ceasefire Vigil

Please, sign the petition:
ceasefire campaign

originally uploaded by Tatiana Cardeal. All photographs © 2003-2006.

Those are mothers who had lost their children by violence of gun fire, doing a symbolic ritual during the opening of the Urban Outcries II, a project from Chidren At Risk Foundation, CARF.

We also are needing to work for the ceasefire in my country too.

Ceasefire: No more war crimes

Join the black ribbon MUNDO UNO campaign,
wearing it as your icon.
Why the black ribbon? Here are some words.
* MUNDO UNO it's a call for peace.
O UNO is a virtual protest against
the madness of the all the wars.
* MUNDO UNO is a way for us to say:
stop the killing of civilians, in both sides.

Shall we be ONE, one world, one face,
one people to change this.


Ceasefire - Lebanon/Israel

"Civilians have been targeted in Lebanon by the Israeli
Defence Forces and in northern Israel by Hizbullah
leaving hundreds dead.

After weeks of fighting, bombs and rockets continue to fall indiscriminately on women, children, ambulances, rescue workers and other innocent victims of this escalating conflict. These deliberate attacks violate international humanitarian law and constitute war crimes.

Only an immediate, full and effective ceasefire will protect civilians on both sides, but calls for the warring parties to obey the laws of war and protect civilians have fallen
on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, governments that could exert their influence to end the crisis have chosen instead to prioritize their own political and military interests over innocent lives of civilians.

We, the international community, are not powerless in the face of this crisis. We must stand up together to protect the lives of civilians and to ensure no more war crimes are commited."

What can you do? Take action now!

1. Join Amnesty International in our Ceasefire vigil on Monday 7th August, around sunset

* We call for a ceasefire;
* We demand that all governments stop the supply of arms to the conflict; and
* We stand in solidarity with the victims and survivors on both sides of the Israel/Lebanon conflict.

Read more details at the banner link, from Amnesty International.