Temporal Beauty

This first semester I've been traveling much more than I expected: Argentina (twice), Iguazu Falls, New York City, Uruguay... so, apologies for the long absence here. Since my last post in February I did these trips, went back to Argentina shooting the Northwest area: Salta and Jujuy Provinces, Cataratas do Iguaçu in the Brazilian South, classic icons of South America. It was a new assignment for the Sunday Times Travel Magazine this year, an amazing road trip, and they has just published this Argentina feature named "Tango for Two". You can check it out in the lastest July issue.

These tear sheets above were featured a few months ago inside the NATURA Magazine, previously designed for the printed magazine, and launched for IPad (March/April, 2011). I'm not quite sure if it was publish exactly like I'm showing here (surprisedly, after hard trying to get a pdf from the essay, I still couldn't get from the publishers the final version. According them, due server troubles.)
But well, this was the approved layout, so, I believe (and expect) it should looks like that.

These photos are a piece of an essay I started to shoot years ago and had never finished. Some of you might remember those pictures displayed at my Flickr's page.
Images of women & advertisement have always called my attention, usually producing an avalanche of questionaries, thoughts and feelings. For me it's about time, patterns, sensuality, decadence, abandone, consume, pressure, scars. But these specific bilboards were shot in the Brazilian countryside, at the BR-163 and towns nearby the frontier of Mato Grosso and Pará States, while I was traveling for an NGO on a research/ reportage about sexual exploitation of children and teenagers on the roads.

Old bilboards whispered in my ears all the journey. I couldn't silence them.