hold your son

hold your son
hold your son, originally uploaded by Tatiana Cardeal.

Words from the letter I received,
about the next brasilian presidencial elections:

"As son of the First Nations of Brazil, we know that our potential is not in the amount of votes that other social sectors are possessing as the afro brothers, the women or the young among others, that of some form they had obtained to keep its representation in the National Congress and the Federal Government.

The aboriginal questions had passed without any mention of the part of the two candidates. Nothing it was said nor for an elegance question, which would be the status of relationship in the future Government. Perhaps our lands are not priorities for the National Sovereignty, or drinking waters, the mineral biodiversity, resources, and mainly, the partner-economic sustentabilidade of our villages and communities."

Marcos Terena
President of the Intertribal Committee - ITC

> Indigenous Meeting at Betioga city.
This are Manoki (Irantxe) People hands.
They live in Western Mato Grosso State from Brazil.


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