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the call, originally uploaded by Tatiana Cardeal.

AÇÃO URGENTE (click no link, em português)

We need five minutes of your day, and a FAX machine.

from Amnesty International,
to help the Prestes Maia 468 families.

A judge has issued a new order to evict the 468 families who have been living in the derelict Prestes Maia building in central São Paulo for over two years. The municipal authorities must carry out the order before 4 March. Amnesty International is calling you to an urgent action. You can see it in this links.


Please, spread the word, and sign the online pettition:

Join our group at Flickr, to support and be informed about this issue:
The Prestes Maia Hope

Picture during a meeting at Prestes Maia occupation of the Homeless Movement of Central São Paulo, in 2005.