the violet girl

the violet girl, originally uploaded by Tatiana Cardeal.

"Easter is passage - also for ethics politics, that becomes the accessible bread to each mouth and, the wine, joy in each soul. We are who, while still alive, need to make over again the potentialities of the spirit, premises and promises of a true dignity human being. In a compound of Marcel Proust and Hunter of the Lost Ark, we urgently need to undertake the search of the lost conscience, where the solidary indignation against the injustices has smells of appetizing sweet madeleines. In case that contrary, we will be swallow by these simulacrum of pyramids - shopping malls - that at least haven't structure to tell to the posterity how great was the poverty of spirit of a generation that had, as supreme ambition, stocking dozen of electronic gadgets."

Some inspiring words by Frei Betto, for this Easter's sunday.
Frei Betto is a Brazilian writer, political activist, and Dominican friar

This full text in portuguese:
Deus feito de pão

Picture of the girl, at Kibera,
Nairobi, Kenya.


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