the last days

the last days, originally uploaded by Tatiana Cardeal.

I've been visiting the Prestes Maia occupation these last weeks, to see how things are changing and give some pictures to the people. The progressive and pacific withdrawal of the families had started, and many had moved alredy to other buildings, at city's downtown. They will stay living in those new apartments for 6 months, with a government's fund help, until the "popular" (subsidized) buildings be finished to be inhabitable. Other group of families decided to move out of downtown, to a neighborhood that alredy have "popular" apartments, with the same government support.

Here is João, son of Severino and Roberta, still at his Prestes Maia's home during the lunch. They are going to stay until the last family leaves. They care about the Prestes Maia's library, and they have agreed that the library will be last thing to be moved out of the occupation. For where?
Well, this have been a theme of strong discussion between them,
but it's probably going to another occupation. Let's see.

They have asked to say that they are really thankful for all your support, all the faxes and letters you sent, and this really made a big difference here.


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