a jaguar scaring me

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Paixão is an ancient of the Xavante Tribe, my ancestors.
I met him two years ago, when he made a traditional Xavante knot for me. The knot stayed until last december, when I was in Amazon, and it has gone with the Tapajós river. And so, I asked him to make a new one, because wearing it became something special, making me remeber frequently about where I came from, and what I'm doing.

Here, Paixão was demonstrating a traditional play they do with kids on the tribe (Aldeia Sangradouro), with a story about their myths, where he was painted and moving as an jaguar. The jaguar gave the fire to the Xavante People. They tells the story that in some point the jaguar spirit scares the people, dancing around the children. I was kneeling on the sand, and he started to dance for me, as I was his kid.
One of the most special moments of my life,
and my favorite picture.

>> Indigenous National Festival at Bertioga city, 2007..... (slide-show link)

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