in the dark

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I was inside the cabin when I saw this Pareci (Haliti) woman
during the Indigenous National Festival, 2008.

Marina Silva, the last environmental voice of resistance in Lula's government resigned this week as Brazil's environment minister. She says she lacked the necessary political support to protect the Amazon.
She was the only voice defending that the Brazilian economic development can't be obtained at any price, specially the fragile Amazon area, while the social politics of the government are pressuring all to create a big show using the "PAC" (Programme for Accelerated Growth), to produce the illusion of a developed and emergent country.

"Brazil is losing the only voice in the government that spoke out for the environment," said Sergio Leitao, director of public policy for Greenpeace in Brazil. "The minister is leaving because the pressure on her for taking the measures she took against deforestation has become unbearable."

National and international agribusiness men, woodcutters, transgenics producers, miners owners, large constructor companies and the rural bench are all celebrating.

I'm feeling as an orphan.


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