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Pollution Foundation

"The pygmies, who have small bodies and large memory,
recall the days before the time, when the land was above the sky.

From the earth was felling on the sky an incessant rain of dust and garbage,
soiling the home of the gods and poisoning their food.

The gods were, there was an eternity, supporting such a tallowy discharge,
when their patience were over.

They sent a lightning, which left the land divided in two. Across the opened earth they threw high the sun, the moon and the stars, and through this way they also rose. And then on top, distant from us, safe from us, the gods founded their new kingdom.

Since then, we are below."

By Eduardo Galeano,
a piece of his brand new book*
"Espejos. Una historia casi universal"
("Mirrors. A history almost universal")

* Apologies by my translation, originally published at "Le Monde Diplomatique".
> Image of a Bororo man scaring me with his flute,
during the Indigenous National Festival.


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