Exhibition "Education is a right: non-discrimination in Latin America and the Caribbean"

brazilian children's day
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I made this picture a few years ago (2005), during the Brazilian celebration of Children's Day, where the ngo Children at Risk Foundation (CARF - Rede Cultural Beija Flor) developed a series of educational and cultural activities with children and youth in the region of Diadema, periphery of Sao Paulo.

This picture and the following two images, relating to the same topic, will participate this month in an exhibition that depicts the diversity within the school environment in Latin America and Caribbean.

maloca's gate =O)

"Held by CLADE in the campaign for non-discrimination in education, the traveling exhibit will bring together 36 images captured in different countries.

Give visibility to the issue of discrimination in education is crucial in order to recognize its existence and to think of ways to overcome this reality. In Brazil, for example, 97% of people recognize have some kind of prejudice against different groups in the school environment (FIFE). Thinking about it, CLADE held at the Memorial da América Latina a photographic exhibition in May.

With the theme "Education is a Right: the Non-Discrimination in Latin America and the Caribbean", the exhibition curated by photographer Maíra Soares, which brought together 36 images by clicking the various countries of Latin America and the Caribbean by names such as Brazilian photographer Gilvan Barreto and Argentina's Néstor López. The launch of the show, May 3rd, follows the opening of the 6th Assembly of CLADE.

The realization of the right to education for indigenous and Afro-descended, by people with disabilities, persons deprived of their liberty, pregnant teenagers and adults as well as the contexts of the field and on the periphery of cities are represented through the images. Wins highlighted the current situation in Haiti.
"The pictures show scenes of everyday school life in many parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, giving visibility to the reality of groups and individuals who have been systematically discriminated against, in and out of education. Thus, while the exhibition wants to celebrate the difference, you also want to point out the challenges that remain, even 10 years after the commitments to Education for All signed in Dakar, so that the right to education is realized for all people" says Camilla Croso, general coordinator of CLADE.

On May 6, from 10am to 12pm, the event has the participation of the UN's special rapporteur on the right to education, Vernor Muñoz, receiving the public, especially students and tutors, for a discussion of the topic discrimination in education.

In theaters until May 29, the exhibition is touring and will be displayed later in other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean."
(text: website from CLADE campaign)

"Education is a right: non-discrimination in Latin America and the Caribbean"
At the Memorial of Latin America from 3 to 29, May, 2010.

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