tear sheets

The End of Violence

First image is from the World Pulse Magazine (Global Issues Trough the Eyes of Women), that had just arrived at home. So well printed and beautiful, this winter/spring issue is entitle Embody.
The picture was done at Caracas, during the World Social Forum open march, a few years ago, a group marching for women rights and against violence. Bellow, the original image without crop.

women in action

"Women who are victims of various kinds of gender-related violence and discrimination will testify at a 'world tribunal', as part of the Latin American phase of the VI World Social Forum, in Caracas."

Southern Exposure

A photo taken on board a passenger boat on the Upper Rio Negro, at Amazonas state, illustrates the latest issue of New Internationalist magazine, a British publication with focus on issues related to global justice, sustainability, poverty, social responsibility and social inequality.

day dreaming - Amazonas

The column Southern Exposure highlights artists and photographers from the majority world. It's the fourth contribution I did with the magazine's column (previous can be seen at this link). On this issue I wrote about the natural cycles of the region and their importance for the communities living along the curse, the balance of the resources offered by the river and the jungle.


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